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At Airtouch we carefully select few projects a year to properly dedicate them all our attention, knowledge and passion to make them successfully outstanding. We have been working together for more than 10 years and we integrate a very attractive combination of Experience, Coordination and Complementarity that provides fantastic results. Thanks to our Multilanguage and Multinational team, we help clients in several countries…The World is our limit!



I. Responsive Web or Mobile App ?


Responsive/Mobile Website

The mobile website can be either a responsive site – the one that fits the screen size of the device used, looking great on all devices, or a mobile site – the one designed specifically for mobile devices, considering both the opportunities and limitations of such platforms.

  • single site/url: easier to administer & easier to be found by users;
  • user experience: specifically optimized for mobile;
  • cost: reasonable prices;
  • immediately accesible: no download/installation process.


  • requires internet connection;
  • limited features;
  • additional SEO work;
  • mobile engagement limited.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming the dominating form of digital interaction, and customers / consumers in today’s world are on the move and using mobile application platforms to get there. Whether they use Smartphones or Tablets, they have all the information they require.

  • speed and accessibility: apps can operate even without internet connection, making information available anytime;
  • capabilities for great graphics/effects;
  • strong mobile engagement;
  • in-app purchases.


  • costly, the most expensive solution: long term investment, for app updates;
  • the download/installation process cannot be avoided;
  • completely different marketing/SEO strategy for promotion.

II. If Mobile App, which technology?

 Creating for both platforms(iOS and Android) means covering a combined over 96% of mobile market share.
Technology 2015 2014
Android 84 % 79 %
iOS 12 % 13 %
Windows Mobile 3 % 4 %
Symbian 0 % 2 %

III. If Mobile App, only Smartphones or Tablet too?

 To decide whether developing the App for Tablets too and not only for Smartphones we need to consider the aim of the app and the service it provides and if it makes more sense to access it on the Smartphone on the go only or also in a fix place with a Tablet.

Mobile development from Airtouch IOS Android Apps Phone Tablet Ipad Burger King Carebears American Greetings

SMARTPHONE – Access Strenghts Percentage
Availability: anytime everywhere 63 %
Turning on immediately 26 %
Comfortable: manageable – practical – no cables 18 %
Others 6 %
TABLET – Access Strenghts Percentage
Comfortable: easy to use 45 %
Transportable: size and weight 40 %
Better visualization: big screen 16 %
others 13 %

IV. App Store Optimization (ASO or App Store SEO)

ASO stands for App Store Optimization –  or SEO for mobile apps, an important step in the app marketing strategy and a high ROI activity. It’s an app’s optimization process, in order to be displayed among the first results when searching in an app store. Visibility in the app stores means better chances for the app to be found and installed, organic search being the leading mobile app discovery method.
ASO Best Practices
  • Researching, using and monitoring the keywords/phrases that deliver the most relevant and competitive coverage;
  • Optimizing the creative elements – as the app name/title, description, icon and screenshots play an important role in converting a viewer into a user;
  • Choosing the app category that really fits your product;
  • Reviews & Ratings are the social proof that can convince people to download your app, so it’s important to find ways to boost the first reviews/ratings displayed in the app store.


Airtouch is trusted by both large and small companies in Western Europe and North America. We work with our clients to build compelling products that deliver value and delight to their customers. Our deep understanding of mobile and web technologies allow us to provide a level of expertise to your company like no other.

Why trust us? 

When deciding for externalizing Development, If you are a Start-up you might be comparing with complementary Freelancers (some develop iOS, others Android and some do the creativity) and what might seem less expensive, after adding all the costs and suffering the missing project integration you will notice that cost was higher than expected and quality much lower. If you are a larger company you will be extremely interested in the Quality of the final product, in the development process and project management. At Airtouch we have the perfect balance because we integrate:
Top Talent
We have a very experienced in-house team that will assist you throughout the project to ensure your success.
Perfect Project Management
We use the latest methodologies, processes and tools to properly design, develop and manage projects.
Cost Effective
Thanks to our International facilities, we have the best talent where it is more cost effective allowing us to let our customers benefit from it.

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