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Digital Revolution & Cambrian Moment

We are living in a very special time…a new world revolution is reshaping entire industries, company structures and ways of living and working. Startup ecosystems are formed and brands are racing to transition to digital. At Airtouch we are very conscious of this significant shift and as we are extremely passionate about technology we want to help our clients take advantage of this Cambrian moment of transition.

Digital Challenges

Lack of Developers & Quality

Anyone with an entrepreneurial idea or managing a brand knows that a high quality digital team is essential to bringing their initiative to life. The requirements of digital transformation are huge and growing exponentially and it is becoming more and more challenging to satisfy them at a high quality level.

Airtouch’s Solution

High Quality &

We are digital team with over 15 years experience using the latest and best methodologies and tools and leveraging the world’s best talent for its clients in Western Europe and North America. Passionate, experienced and reliable are the best words to describe our team. Our clients range from large multinationals, to marketing agencies, to successful startups and we always look to build long, successful relationships.



Airtouch’s Team

Our story

We are a very experienced international and multicultural team that have worked together for more than 10 years in the digital sector for American and Western European companies. Technology and mobile have been our life’s passion from the beginning and very fortunately also our job so we approach each project with high amount of motivation, enthusiasm and energy to ensure it’s an impressive success. Our international team is fluent in several languages and is very comfortable working remotely and across different cultures. We keep current with state of the art technologies, methodologies and tools to deliver the latest solutions to our clients. Within Airtouch’s group, not only we help our clients bring their dreams to life but we also invest in innovative projects in which we often become investors and partners


Airtouch is trusted by both large and small companies in Western Europe and North America. We work with our clients to build compelling products that deliver value and delight to their customers. Our deep understanding of mobile and web technologies allow us to provide a level of expertise to your company like no other.

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