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What is Staff Augmentation?

Remote Staff Augmentation is an easy and fast way to grow your IT team in an affordable way to accelerate development without the disadvantages of hiring yourself.
There is no risk involved. You only need to share the job descriptions and we would do all the work of searching and hiring your selected finalist.
No need to worry about office space or equipment. You only get a fixed invoice once a month saving up to 60% if you had hired in local.

IT Staff Augmentation



100% Dedicated Resource Allocation

• We offer resources dedicated 100% to your needs.

Resource 100% Managed by Customer

• Our resources are fully managed by the Customer, feeling them as part of the team.

Follow Customer’s Tech Architecture

• Our resources will closely follow customer’s tech architecture, methodologies and directions.

No Hiring Costs

• You only get a fixed invoice once a month.

No Equipment Acquisitions

• No need to worry about office space or equipment.

Legal Protection

• Accelerate development without the disadvantages of hiring yourself, with no risk involved.


Why choose Staff Augmentation in Romania?


Save money

Save time
No risk,
eographical proximity
and cultural similarity

Great English

Great Compromise

Access to thousands of developers
IT Staff Augmentation

Some Technology Examples


Hire .NET

Hire Android Developers

Hire C++ Developers

Hire iOS Developers

Hire Java

Hire Javascript

Hire Node.js Developers

Hire PHP Developers

Hire Python Developers

Hire Ruby
IT Staff Augmentation

Our step-by-step process


01. Share your requirements

It all starts with a thorough job description that can tell us more about the type of engineers you are looking to incorporate onto your team. We’ll evaluate your job description, work with you to make sure it’s as good as it can be, and we’ll use it to match you with engineers.

02. Meet potential team members

It typically takes us between one to two weeks to present thoroughly screened engineers from our network who are interested in working with your team. Engineers with advanced English skills, the right experience, and skills that fit your exact needs.

03. Interview your favorites

Let us know which engineers of the ones we’ve brought to the process you’d like to setup interviews with, and we’ll get you connected to them. Share your feedback and we’ll continuously refine the process to make sure we are matching you with the right people.

04. Integrate dedicated engineers

Sign off on your top candidates and integrate them onto your team. Our part-time or full-time engineers will join your project management tools, and internal communication channels just like any other in-house team member would.


Benefit 1
15 years of Remote working Experience
Benefit 2
Integration techniques of Remote teams
Benefit 3
Constant account management

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